I use an approach that takes into account the inseparable link between the mind and body. Science reveals that your thoughts and emotions impact your body and vice versa.

Talk therapy and learning specific tools can help you find your strengths and become empowered to handle life circumstances no matter what happens. With Cognitive Behavior Therapy, you can learn to change your thoughts and behaviors and move toward the life you want. Using evidence-based Biofeedback and Neurofeedback technology, you can learn to gain greater control over your brain and nervous system.

The tangible result for you is more presence, greater confidence, a feeling of vibrancy, and hopeful engagement with life. See more about some of the specific issues I can help with here.

With the help of my animal assistant, PJ the Yorkie-poo, I provide a comfortable and therapeutic space. PJ is quite small weighing 10 pounds. She has been my co-therapist since she was 8 weeks old (March of 2017). Clients have shared that PJ has enhanced their therapy and they love having her in session. She is hypoallergenic and well-trained. See her on Instagram here: @sweet_pj_pup