Insurance Plans Accepted:


First Choice (and other companies that use First Choice for pricing)



Pacific Source



Special note for Moda. They are one of the insurance companies that often covers biofeedback. Although I am out of network, they often will cover 50% of the allowed amount.

I can also courtesy bill for most companies even if Iā€™m not in-network. In those cases, you will pay for the service and I will send in the claim to your insurance. They will reimburse you directly based on their usual and customary fee schedule.

Payment is due at time of service. You are financially responsible at the time of service for any patient portion, co-payments, deductible amounts or non-covered treatments. I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard.

Self-pay is also an option. Fees vary based on length of session. Privacy is one benefit of self-pay. When insurance is billed, you will need to fit the criteria for a DSM-V diagnosis, which the insurance company will require. They may also ask for your progress notes to determine medical necessity.

Special note about insurance and neurofeedback: Unfortunately, despite the abundance of research, most companies will not pay for neurofeedback. I will check with your insurance company to see if you do have any neurofeedback coverage before scheduling. LENS neurofeedback will be charged at a discounted rate for clients who are using their insurance to cover counseling services.