How Biofeedback Therapy Can Help

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Panic Attacks

  • Depression Help

  • Anxiety Reduction

  • Sleep Issues

  • ADHD (attention issues)

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Biofeedback Therapy

Simply put, biofeedback uses technology to feed back to you information about what is going on in your body in real time. It can help teach you self-regulation strategies.

Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Therapy

HRV Biofeedback helps people balance their autonomic nervous system resulting in decreased anxiety, decreased depression, increased attention control and emotional regulation. The tools are relatively simple and the technology helps instill confidence that you are practicing correctly. This is an empowering technique that can help you gain confidence that the coping skills you are learning in session are effective and applicable in your daily life. 

For more information on HRV biofeedback, please see the HeartMath website.

Temperature Biofeedback Therapy

Hand warming (and even feet warming!) biofeedback uses simple technology to help teach you how to calm your nervous system which allows you to be responsive rather than reactive. When your body activates the stress response, it moves blood to the major muscle groups preparing you to fight or flee. You can learn to bring that blood flow back out to your hands and feet. This is a message to the nervous system to put the brakes on and return to the rest and digest mode.